Lower Deschutes Camping Trip Maupin Oregon

I recently went out to Maupin, OR for some camping and fly fishing. We were after native redside rainbow trout during the salmonfly hatch on the Lower Deschutes River. This is one of the funnest hatches to fish because the bugs are so big and the fish can get really aggressive for big dry flies! That being said, however, this trip wasn’t quite up to par. The canyon near Maupin is beautiful so that made up for some poor fishing.

lower deschutes river canyon
deschutes river maupin oregon

Don’t get me wrong, we managed to catch fish. It was just that the weather was so bad. We had to shelter out some lighting near Mecca Flat and Warm Springs. Then we decided it would be better to drive the hour up to Maupin rather then setup camp in a downpour.

native redside rainbow trout deschutes river
lower deschutes river trout creek to maupin
native redside rainbow trout deschutes river
black and white fly fishing deschutes

We found some heavy wind in the canyon just South of Maupin. It was pretty much terrible for the fishing. Besides the fact that casting was a nightmare, it made the bug activity completely halt, which naturally put the fish off the bite.

camping maupin oregon deschutes river

So, we packed up after two nights and headed towards Bend/Redmond. We thought about stopping to fish the Crooked River only to find it was chocolaty. Not blown out, but very brown.

crooked river smith rock oregon

We started cruising back towards Eugene and hit the Lower Bridge area on the Middle Deschutes for an hour or so to chase some browns. We had some success there on caddis dries, super small ones. Jacob actually got a few to come up for a slightly swung medium sized caddis dry fly. That was pretty cool!

fly fishing middle deschutes river central oregon

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